Of life’s hardest issues, I had always believed that this theory was an over exaggeration that moving ranks third with understandably a death being number one and a divorce being number two. But moving being a third, how and why so? Read on………

First of all though, please understand that I am NOT diminishing the huge life tragedy of death or divorce. To all of you beloved followers, I would never undermine or compare your struggles with my challenges of our major life transition.

But for my recent experience, I can now speak to why downsizing and or relocating is actually number three of life’s major challenges, especially for the O50s. This is because for us O50s, moving and or relocating is a Lifesizing® issue, not merely a downsizing issue. You see, Lifesizing® incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life, of these life challenges of downsizing, moving, and relocating.


Most of you know that I have been a wellness guru for a very long time by eating healthy (most of time) getting exercise, along with striving to live a balanced life with sleep and stress control.

Well, most of that went out the window with our downsizing, packing, unpacking, and basically starting over. Now granted we did all this in our early 70’s but still, it kicked our butts physically! 

The positive side of this challenge? We were way ahead for our age being physically able to endure all that our move required of us. Anyone of any age needs to acknowledge the physical drain of a life transition such as we did. This is another huge reason why I am such a promoter of taking super good care of ourselves physically to be able to handle any of life’s challenges regardless what they look like.

Distributing furniture to our “adult kids”


Our healthy eating took a major dive mainly because the kitchen was not set up right away. And then who knew how challenging it would be to learn how to shop entirely new grocery store options? As a foodie and as a cook, I was more than out of my comfort zone, I was actually uncharacteristically dismayed.  More importantly though, my overall nutritional wellness was very compromised which made my physical recovery thwarted even more. 

Even with my awesome family helping set up my kitchen, it still took awhile for me to know how to function in my new cooking world.

However, the positive side of this food challenge was that Ohio is a mecca for fruit and vegetable markets overflowing with the freshest produce that I have ever seen or tasted. And the flowers, be still my heart!

Image of all local produce which tastes  amazingly flavorful unlike store bought produce!


Where do I start on the mental challenge of this huge life transition? The biggie of course was connecting with a high- level melanoma specialist for Bob. In my last post, I shared how thrilled we were with UPMC in Pittsburg, PA less than an hour from us.

Click here to read “Behind the Scenes of This is Us

A huge mental drain was determining: 

Primary care doctors

Eye doctor

Dermatologist for skin check ups



Hair stylist…. major challenge!

Banks for accounts & etc.

New Insurance policies in Ohio

Legal and financial advisor

And the list goes on…. 

The positive side of this mental drain was eventually feeling a huge sense of accomplishment establishing these all new medical and other services. 


Organizing our new home…..oh my! This took forever which definitely surprised me and if truth be known, were still at it although very close to finally saying we did it! I will definitely expand on this in another post.

The positive side of this major mental brain drain is that life just keeps getting better and better through having less with downsizing, but also with experiencing less stress with better organization.

I am loving this simpler life! And yes, I am still a shoealholic 🙂


There was only one emotional reason for me but this one was a biggie! I took a major emotional dive missing my identity as an interior designer AND missing all my friends and connections in Wichita, KS.

Special friends will never be replaced or forgotten!

The positive side has been connecting with long time high school friends plus meeting new friends that will become special to me given time to make our own history together. Plus, I am blessed to have my sister close by and other family as well.

These are very special Salem high school friends and me doing our silly girlfriend thing at a recent reunion.

Was it worth it all? You betcha!

Now that we are almost settled in, we are having the time of our lives. We absolutely are in love with our new home, our quiet and peaceful neighborhood, wonderful church, exploring new places, and of course, being near family.

My ultimate reason for writing this post was to give you all a heads up if a move is in your future, whether local or otherwise. For you to gain additional knowledge is a powerful tool to facilitate all aspects of your life. The more you know, the more you can prepare yourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And that my dear friends is purely Design SMARTS!

Next post, What IS Lifesizing® and Why DO the O50’s want it?

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