Hi friends of Mitzi! This is Leslie Carothers, writing my 1st weekly guest blog post for Mitzi’s newly re-designed site, http://mitzibeach.com.

Today, Mitzi has asked me to share with you, her readers about how to subscribe to her exciting new video channel on The Design Network so you can view her #BoomerSmarts videos at your convenience, 24/7, about all things #BoomerSmarts kitchen, bath, housing and home and follow her annotated links that will allow you to sign up for her newsletter, know about her upcoming speaking and CEU events, and even purchase her #BoomerSmarts recommended products, straight from her video pop outs, if you would like to do that.

Mitzi tells me she’s been getting a lot of requests for how to subscribe from her friends on http://facebook.com/MitziBeachFans, so I hope today’s post will help all of you who are her blog’s readers and fans of Mitzi’s practical, down to earth advice on all things #BoomerSmarts.

Ready? It’s 1, 2, 3 easy steps and you’re done!


Go to http://thedesignnetwork.com


In order to subscribe to Mitzi’s video channel, you’ll need your own account { you never have to create anything yourself, so don’t worry, you just need to have an account, though, to subscribe to the videos you’d like to watch }

Click the big blue SIGN UP button. It’s located on the far right hand corner of TDN’s homepage

Fill this out and click CREATE MY ACCOUNT. Now, you’ve got an account so you can subscribe to Mitzi’s channels and any others that you find interesting!


Now that you have your own account, you can easily subscribe to Mitzi’s video channel by

clicking > here to be taken directly to it and clicking the SUBSCRIBE button you see. It’s on the far upper left hand side

That’s it! You’ve subscribed and if you add Mitzi’s videos to your *favorites*, they will be in your personalized *video feed* every time you sign in to your account on The Design Network.

You can leave Mitzi comments there, ask her questions, etc, and, as mentioned, when you watch them, you will be able to take actions on her video pop outs, if you’d like to do that.

You can see how those appear on the screenshot below.

If you see a little *i* on the bottom of the pop out, this means any of you that are Mitzi’s video viewers can click to get more information.

For instance, if any of you or her other video viewers were to click Mitzi’s information pop outs in this particular video that I’ve screenshotted below, you or they would be taken to a web link to sign up for her e-newsletter and subscribe to this blog…and on the 3rd pop out in a row you see below, clicking it takes everyone to a link to get information on her upcoming CEU classes and also to sign up and pay in advance for them, if they wanted to do that, to make it easy for people to save time.

If you see a little shopping cart on the bottom right of a pop out, this means you can click it to be taken directly to a place to buy what is being shown in the pop out. In this case, as you see below, the shopping cart icon is on the video pop out for Mitzi’s book, Boomer Smarts, Boomer Power. If you were to click it, you’d be taken straight to Amazon to make it fast and easy for you to purchase it.

From Mitzi’s video channel, you and her other viewers can also click the social media icons on the upper right to connect with Mitzi on her social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to ask her a question or leave her a comment and everyone can share her videos with their own friends, if they thought their friends would find Mitzi’s information useful, by clicking on the SHARE THIS CHANNEL buttons that you see on the lower right of the screenshot above.

{ By the way: do you represent a brand that would like Mitzi to review your product to see if it qualifies for her trademarked #BoomerSmarts designation for a pop out on her TDN video channel? If you do, please email her at [email protected]

There is no charge, in any way, to watch the videos on The Design Network and Mitzi and I both hope you will enjoy not only her videos, but some of the channels of our mutual friends there who are video leaders, too:

  • Mindy Knight Lockhard of The Gracious Girl
  •  Deborah Main, the CEO of the Pillow Goddess
  • Jackie Von Tobel, the CEO of Soft Design Lab
  • Dallas interior designer Jeffrey Johnson
  • Louisiana interior designer Arianne Bellizaire
  • Charlotte, NC interior designer Traci Zeller
  • Columbia, SC designer Christy R. Davis
  • Toronto, Canada designer Robin Siegerman


my own video channel for my 2nd, #giveback business, Messages of Hope

The Design Network is growing by leaps and bounds every day and consumers around the world are finding Mitzi’s informative #BoomerSmarts videos and enjoying all the helpful tips she’s sharing along with the other types of home related information being shared by the videos uploaded by our mutual friends, linked to above.

We both hope YOU will enjoy subscribing to her video channel now..and to the video channels of our friends!

Leslie Carothers


Mitzi Beach, ASID, NCIDQ, CAPS

America’s #1 Expert in Interior Design + Chic, Affordable #BoomerSmarts Products for the 12,500 Americans now turning 50 every day.