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Mitzi Beach is an author, speaker, accomplished, high-end interior designer, and Aging in Place Expert (CAPS Certification).

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Through the principles of Lifesizing®, you will not only survive aging, but you will thrive in each age and every life stage. Implementing these principles will enable you to experience a life full of abundant joy and an uncontainable zest that you so deserve!
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Design Smarts, by Mitzi Beach, is a powerful and practical guide for people who are joining that elite club known as O50 – over 50.
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Finding Joy Within My Designer Network

Finding Joy Within My Designer Network

I recently visited Atlanta for a #WorkTrip and had a fabulous time soaking up more social media marketing knowledge at the #DesignInfluencersConference. My reason for not missing this conference is the priviledge to hear from the top marketing experts along with receiving valuable tips from successful designers across the country.

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Does Your Home Bring You Joy?

Does Your Home Bring You Joy?

Here, in this BOOMER SMARTS video, you’ll learn a few of those tips and also learn my heart about why this is so important for us to pay attention to in our lives. Peace is key! 

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