I am delighted that you are here with me as we journey together as ageless aging pioneers.

I am an interior designer, author, speaker, plus a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designing smart and healthy homes and lives.

My passion and my goal is to inspire, enlighten, and empower you to live your very best life now and in your future years ahead.

Through the principles of Lifesizing®, you will not only survive aging, but you will thrive in each age and every life stage . Implementing these principles will enable you to experience a life full of abundant joy and an uncontainable zest that you so deserve!



“There are women who you admire as a professional and you follow for years because you respect them. I have followed Mitzi Beach for over 10 years since the time she spoke at an ASID NJ event on aging in place design. She believes like I do that our homes need to be a safe place and sanctuary no matter what our age is. She recently published a book “Design Smarts” which is a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t only about what we eat, our mental health or our fitness activities after midlife; it’s also our home.”

Robin Lamonte – Interior Designer

3 Pillars to Aging Gracefully

It is my passionate belief in order to AGE GRACEFULLY,  these  3 pillars must be active and advancing towards wellness.

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Aging Gracefully

What is Lifesizing®? How do I prepare for my next stage of life? This video is a small glimpse of how I live by CHOICE and not by CHANCE.

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