It’s a wrap part 2!

High Point like all of business and life is about relationships. I’ve highlighted special people in this post that make market even better than I thought possible.

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It’s a wrap! My Top 3 Reasons Why I Will Not Miss Attending High Point Furniture Market.

In this post are my 3 major reasons for attending and the highlights from one of my most fabulous High Point N.C. Market trip I have ever attended. 

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The Two Essentials to Design Your Life to Thrive

Here I am speaking speaking to a group of O50s, those over 50, learning of the 2 main ingredients to live the vibrantly, fun- filled, healthy life that I believe is possible for everyone. Find out if you have or want to have these two important keys to living and loving your life now and for your future.

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Downsizing is a challenge for everyone. But as an interior designer, downsizing my own life and next home definitely brings its own unique pressures and challenges in my seeking joy in this huge life transition! Read why…

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Why I Did The Abnormal

It is not normal for authors to have a larger than typical size photo of themselves on the back cover of their books. As most of you have come to realize though, I have never been considered very “normal.” Read more to find out why I did this abnormally large author photo. 

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