Our Secret Garden

At Cypress, Bob and I treat our outdoor spaces like we treat our indoors, keeping in mind textures, colors and balance. In our final video on outdoor living and design, we explore our "secret garden," including plants, design, size and nature in … [Read more]

DIY Brick Sidewalk at Cypress

One of my favorite parts of our outdoor area at Cypress is the brick sidewalk that my husband (I fondly call him Bob the Builder) constructed. In today's video, Bob tells us about the very special brick he used for the project, as well as the steps … [Read more]

Outside at Cypress: Bob Part 1

Throughout our Outside at Cypress video series, we've looked at #BoomerSmarts outdoor design, and even some virtual before and after photo plans for our backyard. Today, my husband, Bob, joins me to discuss how he built our private retaining wall. … [Read more]

Outside at Cypress: Before and After

Wouldn't it be great to see what your design project will look like before it's actually finished? Thanks to landscape architect Leslie Elving and Pool Studio® (a 3D design and animated graphics program), Bob and I had this opportunity for our … [Read more]